Hiking through the Aradena Gorge

The starting point for this walking is the Hillside Village “Anopoli”.  This Village is located 5 km from the South-Coast-Village “Sfakia” (sometimes it is called “Chora Sfakion”).There is a public parking in the village square of Sfakia. You have to leave your car in this parking area. You can ask in a tavern for a taxi to bring you to the starting point to the “Village Anopoli”.  You have to drive till the a steel bridge of the village Aradena. 

The abandoned houses with the typical architecture of the island look, as if the owners were wealthy because they built on 2 levels and all are equipped with "Kamares", the typical arches. It is said that this village was due to blood feuds between rival families completely abandoned in the 50 ties. You walk through the ruins of the village down into the gorge. The gorge itself is not that hard. The gorge has three places where you have to climb over big rocks. It is not anymore necessary to climb the impressive long scale (20 meters),only those who want to climb. Nowadays there is a steep gravel bypass route. So slip resistance is a prerequisite for this walking tour! 

You continue to run through a dry river bed down to the south coast to the Bay "Marmaras". Those who have no fear of heights and those who are  sure-footed yet, can walk from the bay “Marmaras” over the steep slope to the European path E4 until the car-free coastal Loutro. We advise to ask in the Village “Chora Sfakion” (Sfakia) for a water taxi for pick up in the bay of Marmaras. For our heroes  who are not afraid to walk till the Village Loutro, we advise to take the ferry from Loutro to go to the starting point to the village Sfakia, where you left your Car. 

So it depends on you if you want to do the lazy tour or the long tour. Again and again: we advise to take enough water and headgear. This tour is not for families with children, as it is difficult. It is also not suitable for those who have acrophobia (fear of heights).