Chania Town in Western Crete

Chania for many, the most beautiful town in Crete Everyone who saunters through the narrow, winding alleys, who follows the goings-on in the market and who has sat during the day or evening in the harbour taverns will not easily forget the ambience felt here. The town Chania (Hania) is simply unique and alive.

Culture and History

Large parts of the old town are closed to traffic; the bulk of the Venetian mansions restored or converted into hotels. Here and there are traces of the Turks: a small minaret or masonry. Naturally there are good and not so good souvenir shops of every type. Worth highlighting are the good restaurants and taverns. Some of them are in old stonework with open gables. In the alleys there are still traditional handcrafts such as bakers, grinders and carpenters. Diving schools have their offices at the harbour. Varrious excursions in boats are on offer.

Worth to see

A walk through Chania (Hania) should include the Art Nouveau market halls (which are a copy of those in Marseille), the Venetian shipyards (today turned into galleries and museums) and the harbour fortress. The Marine Museum of Chania with its model ships is worth a visit as is the Archaelogical Museum. For those who like shopping, it is worth looking at Venetian gold jewellery, some leather wares and of course, Cretan olive oil. If you travel by bus you are in the old town in a few minutes. If coming by car, use the pay car park near the Market Halls on Nikiforou Foka Street. Chania (Hania) is over a hundred years old and its narrow streets do not lend themselves to modern traffic.