Our wonderful garden

The garden of our micro world: In our 2200 sqm garden you will find calmness and tranquilitiy for your recreation.
Especially our children-guests will enjoy this micro cosmos. There is so many space for playing and so many trees, vegetables and herbs to discover.
It is really an event for all senses. You can study wild birds, wild cats, hedgehogs, lizards, geckos, don´t worry they are harmless!
Many plants are here at home: Climbing plants as Jasmine, wisteria,  different Roses,   Boungaville other platns: Cana Tropicana , Geranium Tagetes, Zinnia, Dahlias, wild Fennel, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Laurel, Mint,  Basil, Boxwoods, wild Pistachio, Papyrus, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangeas, different Hibiscus, different conifers,  Firethorn, Oleander and different Cactus and succulents  in our Cactus-Garden.  Furthermore we have the following trees which feel at home in our micro world: 30 Olive-Trees, 1 Pine-Tree, 1 Lemon Tree,  1 Nectarine- Tree, 2 Apricot-Trees, 2 Fig – Trees, 1 Mandarine-Tree, 2 Apple-Trees, 2 Plum Trees, 2 Pomegranate – Trees , Various Palms: Fan Plam, Hollys, cycads, Phinix- Palm, Bungalow- Palms, Hemp-Palm-Tree, Washingtonia Palm, Hesperide-Palm- Tree Chamerops-Palm and our small Date-Palm and Cypresses…..

With all these beautiful effects and intriguing air, you will feel like holidaying in the tropics.