Hiking Tour to the Bear Cave

On this tour you´ll learn more about the 3 more important monasteries of Western Crete.  The largest monastery of Crete "Agia Triada" from the 17th Century, the monastery "Gouverneto" and built into the cliff monastery "Katholiko" and you ´ll see the so-called Bear Cave. This walking through the little canyon is well suited for beginners. It is a short hiking tour but a very nice trip and good with children feasible. You drive on the main road in direction to the airport. Before you arrive at the airport of Chania, you will see the sign "Agia Triada". It is the largest monastery in Crete that is professionally managed. 

Here in this monastery the monks produce organic wine, organic olive oil and the grape brandy "tsikoudia". The monastery has a small "Shop" where you can buy these products. The parking is about 100 yards from the monastery "Gouvernetto" where the walk begins. The stone path leads down to the bear cave and then to the abandoned monastery "Katholiko". On this path you will enjoy unique views to the Mediterranean Sea. The trail begins behind the viaduct (bridge) and takes you to a rocky bay, the sea, where there are the ruins of a small shipyard. Then it goes on the same way back. 

The round trip hike takes about 2-3 hours. The scenery on the Akrotiri - Peninsula is very sparse, but it offers the monasteries together with an impressive overall image. You´ll  get a first impression of the island. This hiking tour is suitable for beginners and for children.