Kolimbari (Kolymbari) is a small fishing village with a shingle beach at the foot of the Rodopous Peninsular. Even in the high season the beach has plenty of space and there are taverns, kiosks and some shops. The Moni Gonias Cloister (late middle ages) is the most famous landmark in this little fishing location.

The tavern owners in Kolimbari (Kolymbari) still often go out to catch fish themselves but it is not just fresh fish which the taverns offer. The atmosphere at the Milos tavern in the tiny fishing harbour ensures a pleasant evening and is an ideal starting point for walkers and bikers. There are also well defined country roads to the interior which are practically traffic free and so suitable for bikers and walkers alike.

Kolimbari (Kolymbari) is perfect for those in search of some peace and quiet whilst getting to know the country and the people. There is no trace of the hustle and bustle of Platanias which is around 7 km away.

We particularly recommend: Greek evenings at the "Platia" in the mountain village of Spilia about 4km inland behind Kolimbari. You sit under sycamore trees and enjoy home distilled ouzo and wine sometimes served with Greek pastries. You can find out about the dance evenings in Spilia (after 8pm in the season) in your own hotel. Children are also welcome.

Journey time to the village approximately 8 minutes, 5 km.