Hiking through the Lyssos Canyon

The walk starts from the South Coast Village “Sougia” . Behind the small harbor is a fence (where goats are kept ), you can open this gate but please don´t forget to close it after passing . First you walk through the small gorge through a dry river bed. Striking rock formations and vegetation from old pine characterize this canyon. The gorge is marked with red dots at the beginning, then above the gorge on the  plateau you´ll follow the marking of the European hiking trail . The " European path E4 " .

The trail leads to the Lyssos bay. The last half-hour you´ll hike at the foot of a mountain ridge overlooking the sea and the bay of Lyssos . Lyssos was an ancient city ( 280-250 BC) , which had an Asklepion ( Centre) . There you can visit the remains of this site and take a dip in the sea. Although the way back is the same way, it´s still very interesting as it offers different perspectives. Headgear is important because only the last half hour of the plateau offers little shade