The Beach of Paleochora in Southern Crete

The small village of Paleochora is about 75 km away from Chania in Southwest Crete near the foot of the White Mountains. The drive from Tavronitis on the north coast takes about 70 minutes. The surrounding area is fertile so there are still many locals working the land. Tourism is limited and the area is embellished with small, family run hotels. The dream beaches on the western side and the quaint tavernas on the eastern side form a frame around the small village. A Venetian fort from where I took the photographs closes the peninsular.

Further cultural points of interest in the vicinity are wonderful Byzantine churches and archaeological sites like Lissos. Paleochora has developed into a refuge for hikers and ramblers. Many walkers plan and begin their coastal hikes here in an easterly direction along the steep sides of the mountains. Sougia, Agia Roulmeli, Loutro and Sfakia can all be part of the hike or for some stretches one can take a ferry. 

Those who have had enough of "simple" sandy beaches should take a boat trip (about 12 km) to the superb lagoon-like beaches of Elafonissi. The boats run several times a day.