Hiking on the pininsula of Rodhopou

Starting Point for this walking is the Village Rodhopou. From the village square a road goes left (westwards) to the outlying football field. The road continues along by vineyards. You´ll pass some goat pens and you´ ll pass landscapes reminiscent of landscapes in the Sinai. Archaic country. The path runs parallel to the sea with a fantastic view of the bay of Kastelli, Kissamos. After about 40 minutes the path ends at once in the countryside.

It is not easy to find the correct entrance to the hiking trail. Mostly there are small stone towers that mark the path. The path is steep, partly requires supporting all limbs. The eye moves constantly between the paths and the sea. After passing several rocks you´ll find scant sunscreen under pines and tamarisk. Repeatedly the different blue-colors of the sea will catch your eyes. After 2 hours you´ll arrive in a deserted area, time for a Photo-Stop. The path is now badly marked and you will be on  a dirt road. Balm for the feet and bones. 

Suddenly you´ll see in this remote region of country wine yards and ruins of an old village, well protected against pirates in former time. To the left there is a monastery. Then follows a very uphill climb, either high on an old, very steep path (from the pre-car era) or the dirt road to the crest of the Rodoupou peninsula about 700 meters.  Then you´ll  adapt a natural gateway from rocks left and right. Goats will look down on you. From here it's all downhill now, a more comfortable road will follow. A barren, but very interesting landscape will accompanies you for the next hour and a half. Again and again you´ll get a glimpse into the Bay of Kolimbari, and Hania.  

This tour ends where the starting point is : in the Village Rodhopou. This hiking tour is very difficult. For this tour you need 3 L of water per person, headgear and stamina. We recommend to inform us before you start this tour!